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According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a motor vehicle is stolen every 33 seconds. If you own a car or truck, your vehicle constantly faces a serious risk of theft or break-in. While car alarms are the most popular method of vehicle protection, even the best car alarm system in the world won't protect your car or truck if thieves and vandals can't recognize that an alarm is there. Once an alarm goes off the damage is already done and the criminals are already committed to violating your vehicle. It is this vehicle security problem that has lead to the development of fake car alarms, also known as vehicle protection lights. When it comes to vehicle security, you want to make sure the theft or break-in attempt never happens in the first place!(continued below.)

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The key to minimizing any kind of theft is deterrence, and the best deterrence is visual. When thieves can clearly see that your vehicle appears to have an alarm system, they will look for an easier target. This is where your vehicle protector light from does its job. When you activate our simulated car alarm LED light, it emits a bright pulsating light that immediately sends the message that your car is protected. Even if you don't have an expensive car alarm, just the appearance of being alarm-protected will significantly increase your vehicle security. And if you do have a car alarm, chances are that your existing alarm's visual warning isn't enough to provide the maximum visual deterrence. The more intimidating your car security looks, the more it will prevent auto theft attempts and break-ins.

Don't let the idea of a fake car alarm fool you. While our vehicle protector light isn't an actual alarm system, there's nothing fake about the superior visual deterrence it provides! The vehicle protector lights and decals from enhance the visual deterrence of your vehicle like no other product on the market today. If you want the best possible protection for your car or truck, make sure you are using a vehicle protector light from

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